Adding decor to your home is an important step to achieving a fully finished space. This step can often be the most challenging component of the design process, because the way a home is decorated has a meaningful impact on the overall look & feel and personality of your home. It's important to get it right, and we can help!

Our resident stylist will take your home from 80% to 100%, with the goal of creating a fresh and welcoming space that's reflective of your personal style.



Styling Session Service Fee: $550

Step 1: We schedule a 30-minute intake session at your home. Our stylist will take photos & measurements of each space, discuss your design style and preferences, and capture a solid understanding of your project goals.

Step 2: Our stylist will spend 2-3 hours designing your personalized accessories package based on your budget and style. Design time includes time to prepare/pack items and assemble a quote.

Step 3: We schedule a 1-hour on-site styling session at your home, at which point our stylist will bring all of the new accessories and arrange them in your home. At the end of the meeting, you can decide which items you would like to keep! If you keep all recommended items, a 15% discount will be applied to your final item invoice. You'll receive an invoice for all kept items after your installation appointment.


What kind of items are included in the Styling Session?

Items may include pillows, blankets and accessories/decor (vases, botanicals, frames, small plants, trays, coasters, objects, books, candles, candle holders, etc). Artwork, wall decor, furniture and rugs are not included in the styling session, but can absolutey be included for an additional sourcing fee.


Where are items sourced?

Our Stylist leverages The Phinery's expansive sourcing network and local workroom to bring you a curated selections of items. All items are sourced new.


How much will I spend on accessories and decor items?

After your intake session, you'll receive a written scope of work that includes each area to be styled with a recommended budget allocation, which will require your approval. The larger your budget, the more value you'll receive from this fixed-rate service. We suggest a minimum budget of $750 for new items.


Am I able to return items if I change my mind?

Yes, items may be returned to The Phinery store in Greenwood within 14 days for store credit.


Can you help me accessorize with items that I already have?

Absolutely! We recommend setting out your favorite items on a table before the on-site styling session, and our stylist will work in your pieces along with the new items to complete your look.



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