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After feeling challenged by the layout and design of my workspace, The Phinery helped me transform both the function and the feel within a short period of time. They provided clear guidance that opened up the space, and even though I had the same amount of equipment to store and same needs for the use of the space, I now have more "flow" and the space appears much more organized. As a newer business, I appreciated that The Phinery team took stock of the pieces I already had, and found simple and cost-effective ways to upgrade the fabrics, furniture, or colors in the rooms. I was able to implement the changes on my own after taking notes and using the design guide that was sent to me immediately after we met. Now when I am at work, I admire not only how much better the place feels, but also the functionality within the purposes of the tasks I need to carry out. My clients have also noticed the changes and appreciate the small details like fresh flowers or beautiful images that because of placement, they can now see more readily. After seeing how much improvement I could make with such a reasonable investment, I have asked The Phinery to come to my home to help me create a functional, beautiful space. I highly recommend The Phinery for any design project, large or small.

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