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Prior to working with The Phinery, our clients' home didn't have a bathroom on the second floor. Being a family with children, a bath on the second floor was a big functional requirement. We worked with our clients and their architect to reimagine their floor plan and take space from two bedrooms in order to create space for a bathroom. We incorporated several design elements to help the space feel open and bright, one of the most important being a window in the shower. Allowing natural light to flow into the space was key to making it feel light and airy.  Our clients loved more rustic elements so we incorporated a distressed wood vanity to add warmth and incorporate a material that felt raw and natural. A wood vanity really helps the space feel thoughtful and designed. A recessed iron medicine cabinet also played into the industrial, rustic look. We selected a beautiful waterfall faucet to juxtapose other more masculine elements in the space, along with glass globe sconces to add personality and lots of light. 


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